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New York new guy

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Hello from the state where there is high crime and everyone is rude and in a hurry, (well not everyone), my name is Mike and I just wanted to introduce myself, I've been riding for 20 years and wanted the R3 from the moment I saw it, I also own a Honda CBR600 and CRF230L. I'm picking up the R3 tomorrow, can't wait!!!
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Good choice. Sounds like London or Paris to me.(Rude in a hurry)
I am originally from New York. Hudson Valley.
What's up Mike...born and raised in Harlem-USA (141st & Malcolm X Blvd.), now in the DC burbs. Welcome!!! No need for sympathy, but I root for the Jets, Yankees, Knicks and Rangers.

My first bike and I'm officially a motorcycling addict. No interventions will free me!!!
Good to hear more NYers getting into riding. If you see me commuting up and down 684 give me a wave I always reciprocate. Ride carefully
If I had to live in NY, I would for sure have a bike, not only for the congestion in the city, but for the beautiful areas that part of the country has.
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