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Hi folks,

I am new to the bike scene . . .again.
Wait for it, this is going to be a shitty introduction and you may laugh . . at me lol.

I took a break from Scuba Diving and started riding in 2008/10?. But then riding got too expensive and so I went back to Scuba Diving. Now, my health isn't that great and I've returned o the 2 wheeled horse.

I was seriously looking at starting back up with my ideal dream bike, the Daytona 675. BUT alas, I thought it would be best to start low, again, and start with a 200-300cc class bike.

Yup, you guessed it, I went with Yamaha.
At first, I was going to get the street fighter version, the MT-03. But then I change my mind, my heart is more into the fairing sports version of road bikes. So the R3 was the choice. Awesome wee bike it is.
Thats until after 2 hours straight on the bike and the arse starts complaining and the legs need to be stretched out.

I purchased a brand new R3 from the show room floor, I rode it out with only 2k on the clock. Felt really excited. I never had anything like this brand new. It was my baby. "Was" being the operative word.

After not even two days wearing in the motor (keeping under the 7k RPM limit), the bike started to auto rev at 5000RPM. Anything I tried never worked. From letting the bike rest for a few minutes to flicking the wrist to rev the bike above 5k RPM.

Anyways, long story short, the dealer that I purchased the bike from never heard of this issue before. I was stuck in Auckland with a faulty bike with next to nothing lining my wallet for accomodation and it was the weekend of Auckland's anniversary.

So, the only option was to make my way back home south. Travel distance? 420+/- Kilometers.

This was going to be tedious at best.
When ever I stopped at red lights or had to give way to on coming traffic, I couldn't have the bike resting in neutral.
I had to have 1st gear engaged while riding the clutch with a little throttle so the bike didn't stall all the while using the right foot break just in case I messed trying to compensate for the 5k reving and accidentally rear-ending any vehicle that was in front of me also giving way to traffic.

Let me tell you this, getting around roundabouts was like watching a noob bunny hopping a car for the their first time behind the wheel.
It was very embarrassing.

Any who, the bike was more controllable on the open road (100kmph) than in the 50kmph in town. Simply because on the open road, the bike happily travels between 100-110 kmph on or just below 7000RPM.
In town, its not so good to manipulate the bike stuck on 5000RPM. This is what put me into a ditch/bank on a 45k corner in a 100kmph zone.

I came out of the crash ok. And yes, I used the ABS to the point where I didn't lose control on loose gravel but enough to soften the impact with out dropping the front.
Needless to say, the first point of impact on the bike was the front wheel and I'm sure it has pushed the forks in. Write off? I think so?

Any ways, 12 more hours to go at the time of posting this greeting and I've been without my new pride and joy for a week now and I'm losing all that riding time on the summer roads.

Kinda depressing. Almost a $9k bike and Im stuck with 4 wheels, the MPV lol.

So yea. Blah lol.

Nice to be part of the R3 community and hopefully when Yamaha gets their **** together, I'll be back on the road and I will post some picts of my travels.

Take care,

R3 noob.

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Hello. Not sure why anyone would want to operate a bike that's stuck in the 5krpm range, or and rpm for that matter. Is the throttle tube physically sticking?

I just rode for almost 6 hours straight on my bike. If you think 2 hours sucks on the R3, you will hate the D675, or any super sport for that matter. The 675 felt much more aggressive than my zx6r. On the zx6r I could do maybe 2 hours straight max before needing a break.

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Welcome. Thats some bad luck. I had the same thing happen before
only down the road from leaving the dealership from a service. Would rev out to redline as soon as i went over 4k, had to kill switch and start again. Near put me in the back of a truck when it happened. Butterfly was getting stuck on the screw of a ring clamp, tools didnt put her back together properly.
Super scary stuff. Id be fighting Yamaha since your crash was due to a fault in the bike.
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