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Newbie from CA

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Hey all,

I'm new to all things motorcycle and am looking at an R3 as my first bike. I've taken and passed the CMSP class and just got my license. Now comes the hard part....saving money to get my first bike :D
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I sold my SV650 to get the R3. It'll be sooo worth it.

Its a Great bike and a lovely ride and its 110% money well spent.
Welcome! Congrats on passing the course! I started on the Ninja 300 then wrecked it and got the R3. Gotta say the parts are alot more higher end on the Yamaha then the Kawi. Beter built, better engine/torque, etc. It'll be a good choice for a beginner! You can always finance a bike too, especially one so cheap. That's how I got both the N300 and R3. Monthly payments are too bad if you have good credit either. :D
enjoy her for a long time
Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!

I actually thought about getting a Ninja 300, but my buddy already has one...and his girlfriend is gonna get one...and it made me not want one anymore lol.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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