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What's up erbody? New Rider from Jersey. Had my motorcycle endorsements for around two years, but finally had the money and time to purchase a bike. Raven R3. I am a bit rusty. I will also be motovloging soon. Hope to get to meet many of you guys and hopefully get some riders going.
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Sweet another New Jersey rider! Welcome to pot hole city!! Im from Freehold area, You?
I'm in the New Brunswick area. Not far at all
north jersey, passaic county. I have some friends from new bruns
Nice. Joseph. You guys aren't too far at all. There's some sweet roads by Franklin. Great curves, no potholes. Def a spot to check out. We should see if we could get something happening soon.
Welcome from England.
Welcome from Pennsylvania
Welcome from Burlington County - working in Edison.
Should get a jersey ride together.

Wipe off the rust before vlogging.
Def should get a jersey ride soon. Luckily my camera doesnt come in until April (Singapore shipping) so I should have had some solid experience before vlogging. @Blue you practically round the corner.
Anyone wanna get together this Sunday? I'm considering going out to New Hope for lunch or something. Also, if anyone is interested in trying a track day out, I'm going May 2nd to New Jersey Motorsports park to give it a shot. I BELIEVE it is free for two 20 min practice sessions for people who just want to try it out. I have an email out to the director of the event to double check.
NJ here as well, live in old bridge, work up north.

Picking up my bike Friday, should be a nice weekend of breaking it in over a few hundred miles.
Im into my third day of riding. I'm finally taking it around town. Unfortunately I don't think I can do anything this weekend, but next weekend for sure.
@TheseGuns Yeah, I currently live in Brooklyn. But I keep my bike in Piscataway and I ride there. I am moving there this summer. Hopefully we could meet up during the summer.
For sure @Blue. I'm also around the Cherry Hill sj area some weekends if you guys interested in some sj stuff.
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