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Yesterday had an awesome. TD with N2td
at NJMP Thunderbolt.

set a personal best in terms of lap times.

The annitori quickshifter is great. When at WOT, just clicking down with the GP shift setup really nice.

Couple questions: How do you get comfortable with riding on the painted curbing when its dry? I am cutting some lines and not using enough of the track.

Also gotta learn how to blip rev match . Any tips?

https://youtu.be/rTVu8pn1HGw 11:40 am session

440 pm session. Happy about this session because, usually after lunch I fade and lose time. but I was able to keep pushing through the end of the day.

Setup: Eken H9 4k gopro clone camera and a Xiaomi Yi camera. Recorded in 1080p 30 FPS.
I used a Dual XPS bluetooth GPS. $82 model from amazon. Reports 5 HZ on the GPS updates.
Race Chrono Pro edition recording and compiling all the data.

Video edits Cyberlink Power Director

Telemetry Video compiling Race Render paid version.

I am really focusing on the slowest point of the turn, which I am still about 10 MPH less than where I want to be on T1, T2
I know the rubber and bike can handle it.. bc T6. I was taking a higher rate of speed.

getting more comfortable with using trail braking as a directional control while in the turn.

ok. well. another track day coming up on Friday 09-01 at NJMP CCS friday practice.

Thanks for any tips.
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