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Not Starting Right Up?

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Morning everyone, and happy post-Thanksgiving for you in the States.

So I took the R3 to the dealer for her first 600 mi. service last week, and have been monitoring her behavior since I picked her back up. Before I dropped it off she was having no problems starting up at all, I'd have to barely tap the engine start and she'd fire right up. Now I've noticed that it's taking a couple turns before starting, and once or twice I've had to do a second attempt.

Off the top of my head, I could only think that they may have have topped her off with too much oil? What else could be the issue? I'm trying have a few ideas before I have to call and/or take it back to the dealer.

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From what i understand its just a thing with these bikes they go through a period of not starting right away i know mine had that same thing but it stopped after awhile (at least i haven't had it happen)
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