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NTF: 4-season or winter gloves touchscreen safe

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I mainly use AGV, Aplinestars, and Icon gear. Love the functionality, quality and appearance of the aforementioned brand's gear and apparel. I try to mix up the brands because if you're not sponsored you shouldn't be in one brand from head to toe! :p

Anyway, I have some awesome 2 season Alpinestars mesh gloves. They can handle down to about 45 but then it starts getting where you can't feel your hands. I have some Gore-Tex gloves for skiiing & winter use but they're clunky and cumbersome compared to form fitting riding gloves. So wanted some 4-season gloves but mainly winter type gloves for cooler and cold weather that maybe have some waterproof capability but definitely need to work with touchscreen. I prefer short cuff and some type of armor protection on top whether its carbon or padding. I don't mind buying nice things, believe me, but I don't know about spending like $200 on a pair of gloves you'll probably toast or lose one of in a couple of years. Or maybe you have to shell out the loot for these types of gloves?

Anyone have any Alpinestars or Icon gloves that match this criteria? Some of the gloves I am considering have only 1-3 reviews and not all of them are good. 1-3 reviews is not a good sample size and could reflect just a bad customer experience with the reseller, an anomaly on the certain pair of gloves he/she received, etc. E.G. I saw a nice pair of Alpinestars at RevZ with like one review where the reviewer was bitching about a torrential downpour soaking his gloves which didn't give too much info about the gloves overall.
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Macna, Halvarssons, Furygan and Spyke are the main brands I use. Halvarssons in particular has great Winter gloves (they're a Swedish company).
thanks Feng. I'll check some out! Heh, you would expect the Swedes to know a little about the cold and being comfy.
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