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So, yeah, make sure you tighten the O2 sensor plug (the one that plugs the secondary bung) all the way when you install a full exhaust system. 80 miles after installing the R77 Yosh system, I went back and checked all the nuts/bolts...except for the O2 sensor plug, and coming home from class last night, exhaust gets really raspy and RPM's drop, lack of power. I pulled into my street and sure enough, there is an 18mm hole staring back at me!

Thanks to Thomas at Yoshimura in Chino, $34.00 for two new plugs shipped next day delivery. Said to not use Loctite as the heat will just melt it away, but you have to wrench the plug all the way to the end of the threads.

Hope this helps somebody else avoid making the same mistake.......UUUUGGGHHHHH.
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