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Odd noise at 7k RPM

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Hi everyone! Couldn't find anything on the internet about my issue so I thought maybe someone here could help out

I went on a 100 mile ride around my area today, and when I got back as I was turning into my subdivision i noticed my motorcycle was making an odd noise that was equal parts metallic and like the rustling of leaves/white noise at around 6750 to 7500 rpm (maybe higher, I couldn't really tell past that point because the engine drowned it out). When I got home I put the bike into neutral and revved it to 7k and didn't hear anything, so I took it back out to try to figure out what it was. The issue happens on every gear (I assume anyway, I couldn't hear it in gears 4-6 because of wind noise), but there aren't any issues with shifting: the bike clicks up through all the gears, doesn't jerk around on decel with throttle blipping. The sound goes away with time and distance but once I come to a stop and get going again the sound reappears. Performance wise the bike still feels the same, save for extra vibrations that are present at the top range but that might just be from me grasping at straws, I had the bike going flat out at multiple sections on my trip and didnt notice anything out of the ordinary.

One thing that I'm seeing a lot where I've looked is clutch issues. I can't tell if the clutch lever is vibrating excessively, or more than the rest of my R3 anyway, but the noise is present when i disengage the clutch at speed, and not when i rev the engine with the clutch still disengaged. Additionally, during my trip there was one shift from neutral with idle revs into 2nd at 31 mph (right around that 7k mark) that the bike REALLY didnt like (as in, gears grinded for a split second and then it went in).

If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it!
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I have the exact same problem with mine !
Have you worked out what the problem is ? I still can't fix mine :(
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