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For sale are 2 sets of OEM clip ons and a stock exhaust for 2015-18 R3s. I'm a new member here, just purchased a 2015 R3 to convert to a trackday bike. I obviously don't have many posts so for reference I have a perfect rating on eBay (oohobbes), I was an active member (9 years ago... but a perfect rating as well) on svrider.com (2JZ) when I used to own an SV, and I can provide other references on other non-motorcycle sites.

In the end, this is just a post for OEM clip ons and a stock exhaust, nothing fancy and not even sure there is a market for them (even on here ha). I got these parts with the bike and just looking to get rid of them.

Clip ons: $60 per pair incl shipping (or $110 for both pairs incl. shipping)

Stock Exhaust: $40 for the muffler, $80 for the cat and headers (or $110 for the whole system... this does NOT incl shipping, I can ship UPS Ground through work at a bit of a discount)

Thanks everyone for viewing!


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