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Hello folks, I am transforming my recently purchased R3 for wifey track duty only. I bought the bike 2 weeks ago with 3k miles. All the parts for sale are in mint condition, previous owner really took care of this thing. On a 1-10 scale (10 being the best) I would rate everything as a 9.

Here is what I have for sale, I can take better pictures if needed. But like I said, parts are in mint condition. I am new here but have positive feedback only on the R1-forum and FB.

Yamaha R3 parts for sale

Red/White OEM bodywork
black inner fairings
tank cover
front fender
stock seat $80 shipped
passenger seat $65 shipped
tail light $60 shipped
tool kit $25 shipped
windscreen $50 shipped
stock mirrors $60 shipped
stock rear sets $250 shipped
stock rear passenger pegs $60 shipped
stock levers $30 shipped
stock exhaust $50 shipped
stock headers
stock fender eliminator with turn signals
stock front turn signals
headlight assembly with HIDs $200 shipped


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And more pics....

On a side note, I will be also selling the clip ons, gas cap and ignition with key at a later point.


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Interested in all of the Red/White bodywork including tank cover and the front fender, if the price is right :)
Hi Virus, do you also need the black inner fairings by the dash and radiator, tank panels, etc, mounting bolts and hardware?

I really need to know what you need exactly to give a fair price.

Thanks, Ruben
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