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Greetings and Salutations to all!

Were seeing quite a few R-3's come through the shop, here in Bangkok Thailand......

We've had really good results with Ohlin's Front and Rear suspension Kits.... in particular the FSK104 front fork kit is the ticket out here in Bangkok! The FSK104 comes with a .75kg/mm spring rate with adjustable Preload. Alternative springs are sold separately at an additional cost: but the spring rate is super important!

Mix up a heavier blend with Ohlin's Synthetic Oils and you can really feel a tremendous difference from the weak stock front springs and thinner stock oil.
The current trend for Aggressive street with track days in Pattaya and Buriram Circuit tracks are : Viscosity of 65 to 67 [email protected] degrees C. For final tune, were tracking between 185 to 250mm oil level depending on the weight of the Rider/Racer.

The Shock is extraordinary as the YA467 is the Cats Meow for this motorcycle for adjustability and alternative spring rates..... Set the Pre-load, the Seat Height adjuster for Negative or Pro Squat, and it has compression and rebound dampers.... It's a Miracle! Set up is a breeze with the correct stands and lifts.

*NOTE: You will have to bend the Ohlin's pre-load wrench to make adjustability on the motorcycle more accessible and efficient.

The NIX cartridges are primo, and if you have rode cartridges before, they are worth there weight in gold..... We're spoiled from oil fill and pressurized cartridges for a long time...... but for the Size and 1970's designed fork tubes on the R-3 were super happy with the FSK104 and YA467.

See you on the Street or on the Track!



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