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Yamaha superseded the 1WD filter already.

1WD-E3440-00-00 now changes upto 5GH-13440-50-00

Any Idea why they changed it? Hopefully to make it easier to get off and on! I had a **** of a time getting the original 1WD filter off.
Rubber adjustable belt: slipped and failed.
Metal self adjusting band: slipped and failed.
Socket type: slipped and failed.
Self adjusting jaw: slipped and failed.
Nylon belt adjustable: slipped and failed.
I finally busted out my 18" Rigid pipe wrench and the filter didn't stand a chance! It turned right off but I had to remove the left side plastic for clearance.
Turned the new 1WD filter back on with the rubber strap type.
I hope the new 5GH filter is easier. Maybe that was the change?
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