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Good day! I was hoping to get some answers to what might be happening to my 2016 r3 bike. When I ride my bike during cold start the oil light turns off after about 5 seconds and I know that is about normal. However after about 5 to 10km of riding or about 20 minutes sitting on heavy traffic the oil pressure light will come on while im on idle and would go away everytime I give it some gas. While being stopped on idle i peak thru the oil sight glass and i see that my oil is circulating. This happens intermittently sometimes it does not happen at all sometimes it would do the thing for several trips. I am just worried that I might destroy my engine.

new oil change
New filter

bike specs: unsure if it was tuned by previous owner
M4 slip on pipe
Stock elbow
High flow air filter

PS. I notice that there is a big chance that the oil light will be on after an aggressive ride. But sometimes it does not turn on too no matter how hard I drove the bike.

Thanks in advance!

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