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OIL: synthetic vs multigrade

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doing my first oil change on the R3 and was wondering what everyone else went with? A friend of mine swears by synthetic and I've read good stuff about it. Also read that you should switch to synthetic only after around 5k so that would be around the second oil change.
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There's an oil thread on this forum where a few people have stated their preference for oil. I always go to full synthetic at the first oil change. I buy Rotella T6 from Walmart. Sells for about $23 a gallon. There is also a $5 rebate until the end of May, so that makes the oil cheaper than lots of conventional oil. It's diesel oil, but the specs indicate it will work fine for motorcycles. It has a JASO MA rating...meaning it won't allow the motorcycle clutch to slip the way many car/truck oils can. Lots of people have been using Rotella T6 for years in their motorcycles, including me.
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For the first 100 miles, you can use vegetable oil or duck fat just fine, or whatever is cheapest.
The oil is mainly in there to flush the engine's metallic particles.
Yamalube or Honda GN4 10-40 Non-Synthetic for the 1st 1000 Miles give or take a hundred miles.

Then Switch to Motorcycle Specific Synthetic 5-40 or 10-40
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