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Which colour do you prefer?

OK, which colour would YOU have!?

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I agree, I rather go with one of the many colors for wrap that are out there and use it where ever is appropriate.

Then there's plasti dip.

Good options to stand out.
Blue/white is Suzuki
Blue/silver for yamaha.
If I were buying a ninja id get green kawi green.
Or red if it were a Honda. Maybe im old fashioned.
I agree with that.
Green is not something i would get on a bike unless it's a Kawi, good opportunity to take advantage of that while you can.
I really like the red one, but with that being said, if the blue one really has blue wheels, I have to have a blue one :)
that's the way i see it as well, those blue wheel are hard to pass up on, on a yami like this... it's the best opportunity to go for it!
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Just ordered mine the other day... may buy one for my wife, but she loves her 250 repsol right now.. Mine will be Raven.. but they all look good
You know you have a cool wife when she not only rides a 250 but a repsol 250 :D

1 - 4 of 69 Posts
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