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Which colour do you prefer?

OK, which colour would YOU have!?

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Yea I think that the blue reads Yamaha while the red reads Honda. The CBR is colored red and white. I think the blue and white looks nice and clean. Stylish but not like it is trying too hard.

Is anyone thinking of something custom?
At least not bright green. A darker green could be nice on a more retro styled bike.
Voted red/white because orange is not an option :)

Orange would look awesome. WOuld you consider looking in to after market options to get an orange paint job?
I'm sure prices very quite a bit and there are also probably a number of different ways to do it. Paint, or vinyl, or plasti-dip. I have no idea what the pricing would be like.
That has to be after market. I haven't seen Yamaha do any paint schemes like that really.
1 - 5 of 69 Posts
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