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Which colour do you prefer?

OK, which colour would YOU have!?

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Voted: Blue/White/Silver

Blue/White/Silver just looks better and gives a lot of meaning to Yamaha.
Actually, from what I have read it is NOT Blue and White but in fact Blue and SILVER!
On closer inspection I think it is indeed silver.. That makes a difference to me.

Still.. already 85% of the poll are saying blue.. For that reason alone I have to get a black one! :)

Though i do also think:

Green = Kawasaki
Red = Honda
Blue = Yamaha

Mind you, Suzuki is usually blue isnt it?
Agh, just get the black and add in some custom highlights :)

Suzuki = Blue with white
Honda = Repsol
I wish they had orange and black just like that sigh..... Maybe the special edition lol...
Looks like it's a black R25 they just custom decal and fender.
1 - 4 of 69 Posts
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