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Hello all. I learned to ride in college on a friend's BSA 650 and my first bike back in 1966 was a Zundap 650...German boxer-style twin, shaft drive, a lot like a BMW. Next came a 305 Honda "Scrambler," probably a 1969, while I was in the Navy. Then a LONG hiatus due to work schedules and a too-worried wife.

Got back into motorcycles in 1988 when I moved to Arizona and got divorced. Bought a used BMW R65. Next came a Suzuki LC1500. (Hey! Had to try a metric cruiser sometime and got a good deal from a friend. But the style is not for me.) Joined an active motorcycle club, bought my first of three Yamaha FJR 1300s, and really got into the sport big-time. Have taken numerous advanced riding courses and have done the SCMA's Three Flags Classic 8 times, their Four Corner's ride twice, and got their Triple Crown Award in both 2008 and 2013. My FJR's were a 2005 that I put 53,000 miles on, a 2008 for another 83,000, and my current 2013 with 41,000 so far. Dearly love the FJR but wanted a simpler, lighter, bike to keep in our summer place in Colorado. The MCN review of the 300 cc sport bikes blew me away with the praises of the R3...so I bought one. Only have 130 miles so far but love it. What a lot of bang for the buck!

I am now 70 years of age and thank God that He has given me the ability and desire to continue something I hold so dear. Best wishes to all of you for a long and safe motorcycle riding endeavor!
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