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OMRRA/WMRRA Final Round 09/18-09/20 at Portland International Raceways

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This is an invite for any of you around the west coast ish area. This year Washington and Oregon had decided to do a combined round for the first time as the final round(since we normally say goodbye to sun around this time) which means it should be a big event!
I think it would be awesome to have a big turn out. I know guys at AFM and other sunny states are used to big grids but we aren't haha.
Between the 2 clubs, most of the grid will be ninja 250s. I've only known of 4-5 RC390s, 2 Ninja 300s and 2 R3 including me while there is like 15 ninja 2-fitty. So the more the merrier!

Most clubs in the west coast should recognize each other's licenses so it shouldn't be an issue.
But here are the rulebooks for each club
WMRRA: Ultralightweight Supersport and 500 Supersport are the legal classes
OMMRA: Lightweight Superbike/Supersport, Ultralightweight Supersport/GP

They have different schedules so I don't know what the actual schedule will be in the combined round. Even if you don't race, come visit! It's Oregon so no tax!
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12 and a half hours..... hmmm
Looking at Googleator Earth, there appears to be no covered pits, so I assume generator and easy-ups are part of the standard kit for that track?
Is there a track day the Friday before, or do you just show up and go at it on race day? (saw one on the 7th and one on the 25th, but not that particular weekend unless I'm missing something).

Wait a minute - rulebook says I can't bring beer or guns - wtf?
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Wait a minute - rulebook says I can't bring beer or guns - wtf?
I understand the beer, but why not guns! >:D
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