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Bike- 4890(100 down)
Destination- 295(down from 600)
Assembly- 195(down from 300)
Dealer service 199(down from 250)
Taxes- 413
License fees- 152
Tire and battery 3.50
Total- 6,244
they originally quoted me 6900 but I shopped around and they matched the other dealer, also gave me 20% off all accessories.

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Ha ha. That was reassuring. When I first read the title of the thread, I thought your new bike broke down as you left the dealer.

I traded in my FZ07 with 1900 miles on it and paid an additional $1000 even for the R3 which isn't that great a deal I don't think, but unfortunately, I couldn't find the blue book values for the FZ07 to know what it was worth.

R3 base price...4999, freight 515, setup 198...total 5712. Trade-in 5000, st tax 44, inventory tax 12, license/title 92, sticker 15, documentary fee 125...balance $1000.

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R3 --- 4999.00
Factory Destination Fee --- 420.56
Sales Tax --- 467.44
Inspection Fee --- 6.00
Fuel & Oil --- 29.50
Tire Tax --- 5.00
Doc/Admin Fees --- 75.00
Motor Vehicle Fees --- 147.50

Total --- 6150.00

This is in NY.

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Blue R3 -- Zero Miles

Here's what I paid in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bike $4990.00
Dealer Handling/Documentation Fee $50.00
Tax (7.63%) $380.74
License/Registration $110.00

TOTAL $5,530.74 OTD

They didn't charge me the usual $357.00 Destination/Freight charge because I've bought 9 motorcycles from them. A new customer would pay a total of $5,887.74, including the Destination/Freight charge.

The dealership is Apex Sports. They have 3 more R3s coming in very soon and only 1 is spoken for, a black one. The other two are 1 Red and 1 Black. I bought the blue one. NOTE: their allotment is 4 bikes total for the whole year.

If you are from out of state you just pay the state tax for your state, then pay the other taxes for city, county, etc once you register it in your state.

If you're interested give them a call at 719-475-2437 and ask for Steve Booth. Tell him Glen referred you (I don't get a kick back, either).

DISCLAIMER/NOTE: I am not Steve Booth and I do not work for Apex Sports.
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