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Panel or fairing above the headlights (parts wanted).

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I dropped my bike due to some gravel on the ground coming off the highway. There are two parts I am looking to purchase, but don't know the name of them. It's not allowing me to load photos, so I have to describe it. The panel or fairing over the headlight. There are two of them on each side. One I believe is the nose fairing but can't Find anything on that. Then there's a plastic piece there. Don't know the name.

I am not talking about inner fairing cowl neither. I got that piece alr day.

Any help would be appreciated.
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You'd be better served by posting in the "Parts for Sale/Wanted" section.
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You can also check sites like Partzilla.com, and look up the actual part number and name and get an idea what OEM will cost. Peruse the Parts section - someone may have exactly what you need. Without a photo or PN, it's hard to tell which piece is wanted.
I hear Spears racing has lots of stock parts. As they race bikes and strip them down.
I'm stripping my R3 for racing and have those parts. How about $35 per side? Kind of guess on their value. We'll need to confirm what you need, but I am sure I have it.

Mike W. 314 496 4521. Text if you like.
Hey Rocket, if youre stripping your R3 for racing will you have the headlight assembly available?

Also, sorry OP for hijacking your thread :)
Yes I will. Like new. Shipping to Australia could be a bit pricey, though. Not sure of a price yet, but will within 24 hours.
Just checked Ron Ayers price. Whole unit, bulbs and all, is USD326. How about 175 plus shipping. Shipping may not make it worth it to you. Sorry, but if interested give me an address and I'll check shipping costs.
Address is 4 Galileo Street Gregory Hills 2557. Ebay vendors have them for about that price with free shipping to Australia, but if shipping doesnt cost too much Ill definitely pay a little more for a genuine OEM part.
Probably best if you go the Ebay route. Shipping will be a killer. Good luck.
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