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I haven't ridden 2 people on this yet. Anyone done it? I think with the two of us, we'll be close to the weight limit. I was thinking of taking the rear spring to the stiffest settings. Any suggestions?
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I have same question. looking for the answer
I have done 100 kilometers with my girlfriend. She weights about the same as me, 70 kilo's. Riding with a duo passenger is very different. The bike's natural behaviour is sporty as you guys know, it's light. With two passengers, the bike behaves okay. Still, you've got to ride like you would ride a bigger chopper, easy and not steep into the corners. For what suspension is, it's ok. I've been riding with a fender illuminator that I thought was going to hit the rear wheel. That didn't happend though.

I did not make any adjustments to the suspension.
I put my preload to 6 or 7, it made a huge difference even when riding 2 up. When I have my fiance on the back(i weigh 135, she weighs 120) I found the preload being on a higher setting made an even bigger difference than when I had her on when I had it set to whatever it came from the shop.
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