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Will the R3 be your first Yamaha or have you owned other Yamahas in the past ?
My first bike was a 1990 Yamaha YSR80 ( Canadian model ). I had two more YSR's after that one, a 50 and another 80. Years later, after trying Suzuki, I went back to Team Blue in the form of a brand new 2000 R6. After the R6 was well used for 6 years, I got a brand new 2006 R1, which I still own. After I got the R1, I also grabbed a new WR250R and beat it for years. Sold it last year and got a 2008 FZ1 and I've been modding it over the Winter. Great bike and better for taking the wifey on when she feels like being lazy.
Let's see who the Yamawhores are. ;)
Pics welcome of course.

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Yes. I will get a blue and white I hope. I have 2 red naked bikes that look very similar...the FZ07 and a CB300F. I don't want another red bike, even though the r3 has some white on it. My other 2 bikes are a yellow 2013 Zero S and a grey 2014 Vespa 300.

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In order starting with my 1st in the 70's.

1973 (?) DT100 Enduro
1978 DT175 Endure
1983 750 Virago Cruiser
1979 YZ250 Motocross
1986 700 Fazer Street
1991 350 Warrior atv
1992 V-Max Street
2002 YZF-R1 Street
2005 350 Banshee atv
2006 700 Raptor atv
2006 FZ1 Street
2006 350 Banshee atv (still own)
2004 YZF-R6 Street
2001 YZ250 (still own)

Yeah...I'm a Yamaha boy. ;)

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Some very cool bikes in this thread!

I have had a lot of bikes but only a few Yamaha's...

- Old YZ 80's and 125's as a kid (no photos :( )
- Old FZR600 back in the 90's (no photo :( )

- YSR50, fun street legal 49cc 2-stroke oil injected sport bike.

- WR250X Sumo, I was going to get arrested if I kept this bike, it's the go anywhere ride that brought out my inner hooligan.

- FZ09, this bike is just as bad as the WR250X... not as much go anywhere but I have taken it on some fire roads and made my own shortcuts via curbs, and a stair or two. It has a good bit more power so that comes into play, that and the front wheel likes to come off the ground a lot.

I'm reading up a bit on the R3, very much like what I see and may have to add one to the stable at some point.

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I don't think I can remember all of them, but here goes... 1970 something Suzuki GT 250, Then a yamaha XS360,Yamha Sr 500. somewhere in there was a Suzuki 500 two stroke, Honda 550 four, 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 250, yamaha 650 silverado, then 950 tourer, honda CRF250, and now a 2007 FZ6. I just last month ordered two R3's, one for me Black, and one for the wife blue.

My Favirite was the SR 500(I think it was a 1978)
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