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Some very cool bikes in this thread!

I have had a lot of bikes but only a few Yamaha's...

- Old YZ 80's and 125's as a kid (no photos :( )
- Old FZR600 back in the 90's (no photo :( )

- YSR50, fun street legal 49cc 2-stroke oil injected sport bike.

- WR250X Sumo, I was going to get arrested if I kept this bike, it's the go anywhere ride that brought out my inner hooligan.

- FZ09, this bike is just as bad as the WR250X... not as much go anywhere but I have taken it on some fire roads and made my own shortcuts via curbs, and a stair or two. It has a good bit more power so that comes into play, that and the front wheel likes to come off the ground a lot.

I'm reading up a bit on the R3, very much like what I see and may have to add one to the stable at some point.
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