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Picked it up. WOW!!!

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Picked my R3 up yesterday. Got it home and took it for a ride. I cannot believe how much fun this little bike is. This is my first sport bike. I would have never even considered one without all of the great reviews it has received. I had to go and sit on one because in most every review, the rider commented on how upright they were riding. That was a big concern for me, as I don't like riding laying down. And the performance if the little engine is amazing and so smooth. This will be a perfect bike for what I want, zipping around town and commuting to my part-time job. I have got a Vagabond fender eliminator on the way and the only other thing I want to do is be able to mount my Givi box, for runs to the grocery store and such.
I'll get some pics soon.
Daryl (cwmoss)
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Here are a couple pics of my new bike. It is raining, so they aren't that great.


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I love it. I'm still bouncing between blue and red and each time I see the blue I'm swayed in that direction. Lol
Thank you, thank you, thank you so insanely much for posting about the Vagabond eliminator! I had not yet heard of it, and was looking for one that retained the factory license plate light. I just ordered it and am unbelievably excited to get it! Also, first post ever FTW! Okay, I'm done now. Carry on.
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If you think this is upright seating, wait until you sit on a honda cb300f!

This position for me is great for the 60+mph commutes, but has way too much forward lean for city riding for me. It would tire me out.
Ok for the 30 minute rides, but if you're used to riding between 1.5 to 6 hours, it's not too comfortable.
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