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You realise that one end has left-hand and the other right-hand threads, right ...

You have the rod way too far out at the shift-shaft end, to the point of barely hanging in the threads, while at the same time the other end has a reasonable amount of thread showing. At this point I would suggest removing the shift rod completely (leave the nuts on it) and re-assemble it so that both ends have equal thread insertion:
  • Loosen locknuts on both ends. Remember, one end has left-hand threads, "loosen" is opposite rotation from usual!
  • Remove the knuckle from the shift shaft (one M6 screw with 10mm hex head).
  • Spin both locknuts all the way in to the inner end of the threads. Again, one of them has a left-hand thread!
  • Turn the shift rod into the shift lever all the way until it bottoms.
  • Install the shift knuckle onto the shift rod and turn it all the way in until it bottoms. Reminder again ... one end has a left-hand thread!

At this point you should have the shift rod adjustment as short as possible with next to no thread showing at both ends.

Insert the shift knuckle onto the shift-shaft, orienting it so that the shift lever is slightly higher than the position where you would like it to be, but do not install its securing bolt yet. It may be necessary to rotate the knuckle on the shift rod slightly in order to get it in the correct orientation and that is fine.

Sit on the bike and confirm that the shift lever is sitting a little higher than you would like.

Install the securing bolt for the shift knuckle.

At this point the locknuts on both ends should still be loose.

Turn the shift rod in its entirety - do not remove either end! - until the shift shaft is at the height where you would like it to be. By doing it this way, you are ensuring that the amount of thread projecting from the adjustment is as close as possible to the same on both ends.

Secure the locknuts on the shift rod to lock it in place. Again ... one of them has a left-hand thread!
Thanks for this! This helped me, too. I just recently installed Norton MS risers with the new extended shift rod. My shift pedal was angled way too low compared to stock/brake pedal. Was able to get it back to a more comfy position.
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