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Please post your introductions here

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Welcome to R3-Forums, the Internet's first Yamaha YFZ-R3 Forum! Please post an intro and tell us a bit about yourself. Your riding history, why you love or hate the R3, and anything else you want us to know. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, you are always welcome!

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Hi all,

2015 R3 owner (upgraded from 2011 R15) and new to forum.

More keen on touring and would love to see some occasional track rides.

Glad to be a part of the form...:faceplant
Welcome to the forum and enjoy your R3.
Hey Guys.
Got a 2018 R3 a few months ago as my first bike. Absolutely love it, excited to talk to you guys more
Nick :)
Welcome to the forum and Ride Safe. :|
pic of 'toothless'
Nice bike. welcome to the forum and Ride Safe. :|
Hello everyone.

Picked up my 2015 R3 about a month ago. Put about 2k miles so far getting to know it’s quirks. Gonna be my new track bike. Also have a 2009 R1 that I converted to commuter with pro taper bars among other things. I hate that bike in the track. It scares the crap out of me. Sep 15-16 will be at Buttonwillow with the R3.

Btw, any threads on how to gp shift the R3?
Welcome. We have several active racers on this forum. Start another thread asking "how to". I suspect those guys/girls can help out. Good luck in Sept. Let us know how your weekend goes.
Hey guys!

Finally replaced my second bike with a 2016 Yamaha R3. Such a cool bike.

I'm planning to have this bike as a training bike to learn all the levels in Lorenzo Riding School (Chicho Lorenzo is an amazing teacher).

Bike came with frame sliders, rear axle sliders and bar end sliders.

Already installed the front fork sliders. Waiting on the mail a new set of fairings (I'll store the OEM that are in great shape, no need to treat them bad!), engine case covers and exhaust sliders.

I'll be making mistakes during the learning process and want to make sure the bike is as protected as possible.

Let me know if anybody else has tried to do this before or if you have any tips! Anybody knows if I can run the training setup without headlights?
Welcome to the forum. I'm not a racer. But you can get more info concerning the R3 on the race track and it's riders, by going to the top of this page. Under "Forums" see "Yamaha R3 Pit Area" and click to see past post and conversations. If you don't see anything that answers your questions, write a post in this forum area and ask. We've lots of knowledgeable racers, and they have plenty of opinions. You just need to get their attention. ;)
Welcome to the forum. Ride Safe
Happy to have found this forum. Looks like there are great topics to follow.
I am fairly new to riding. Own a 2016 R3, love it! Got it new last year.
Had it lowered and have had the recall work done otherwise it is unchanged, so far.
Welcome to the forum. What was done to "lower" your bike? And did it accomplish what you thought was needed to make the bike more to your liking?

New rider here from Wichita Kansas! I completed the MSF course and picked up a Yamaha R3 2015 in blue with 8K miles as my first bike. My cup is empty and I'm here to learn and grow with this bike for a few years. Glad to be a part of this community!
Welcome to the forum. Lots of info already here. Upper Left of page, scroll through the "Forums" section. Upper Right near log in/out @ "Custom Search" is also available. Ride Safe.
Thanks for the comeback. I'm glad your mods are working for you. My hat's off to you for not giving up. Enjoy and Ride Safe.
Hi there,

New rider here from Belgium/spain, just got my brand new yamaha r3 2019.
Hope to pick up some more information and gain more experience from the forum
Welcome. In the upper left of page is "Forums". Scroll and choose your topic of interest. There's a lot of info already there. If you don't see what you need, ASK.
Welcome and Enjoy the forum
Welcome to the forum. Upper left of this page is "Forum". Under "2015 + Tech Talk", you may see something helpful. If not ask.
Hi everyone! I’m 44 and finally bought my first bike- R3! I’ve been riding dirty every day for the last 2 months without my M endorsement. I’m taking the MSF class first week in August. I know this is sad, but you tube how to videos are what helped me not be so intimidated on how to learn to ride. I am 230 pounds and find myself wanting a bigger bike already. Is this common with most riders? I’ve really been eying a discounted new 2018 model MT-07. Any words of wisdom would be great! I joined the forum to learn everything I can from great experienced people. Thank you guys, stay safe.
Welcome to the forum. And congrats on your new bike. "Words of Wisdom" are pretty rare on this, and every other, public forum. But opinions and comments abound. :laugh: There's a "Forum" section upper left of this page. Scroll to and open "New Riders". If you like, start a new post and ask your question just as you did in this post. You may get more responses with a question outside of your introduction. Enjoy.
Hi I just bought a 2019 YAMAHA YZF-R3 how can I make it have 100whp?????
Well, you could always jack an R6 under that pretty blue R3 bodywork. :D
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Hello Everyone.
Welcome to the Forum. Good luck with the safety course. Ride Safe and Enjoy.
Welcome to the Forum. Glad you found us. Ride Safe and Enjoy your new bike.
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Welcome to the Forum and congrats on the new bike.
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It'll be helpful if you read through the Owners Manual before the first chain adjustment. Most newer riders believe the chain needs to be much tighter than what it actually should. But it's much better to be a little too loose, than tight. Your chain, sprockets, and the seal around the front gear shaft will thank you. All will last considerably longer if adjusted properly.
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