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Popping experience with slip on

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Hi, Im new member and Im writing here for some questions about my little r3. Since I changed the stock air filter with a bmc one (not race) and since I put the arrow pro race slip on, I heard some popping sound during my ride. It's not the classic popping sound while decelerating because when I completely closed the throttle, I didn't hear nothing. The popping sounds arrive when I reopen the throttle partially (5/10%). It's like unburned fuel from the previous acceleration. If the bike would running lean I think that the popping sounds would be while decelerating but with throttle completely close. It could be the pair system with fresh air that cause all this situation? Or is it simply unburned fuel? Thanks to all and sorry for my bad english🥴
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i have Akrapovic full system exhaust and OEM filter but every now and then when i deaccelerate, the bike makes that popping sound. I have been told in R3 forum to go for any free flow filter and if possible ecu remapping or flash. i am not using my bike on track but just on the highways. So based on few discussions i feel that one should replace oem air filters with free flow and a full system exhaust or else just let the entire machine stock.
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