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PUIG Windscreens

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PUIG has screens listed on their site now but they're not in the wholesale catalogs that dealers order from yet.

Multiple tints available


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I really would like to get either this or zero gravity but I'm not sure how much more improvement over stock as the stock also has a bubble. Probably go with the ZG corsa when available for a taller screen but still sporty without having to go the touring route.
I already think the stock screen is about as good as any " " stock " screen can be. The bubble helps a ton compared to a flat screen from experience with noise.
Sorry to dredge up an old post. I finished installing my PUIG Racing Windscreen last night and took the bike out on the highway to see if the wind protection is any better over stock. I got the bike up to 110 kph on the highway and I noticed less wind buffeting around my chest and cleaner air flowing around my helmet.

So far I'm happy with the windscreen and like how the dark smoke goes with the matte gray of the bike.


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Looks great!
I've got the same screen but in light smoke. Puig light smoke color matches the OEM screen (which is also a light smoke).
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