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I'm pretty new to motorcycles in general. Is something like this even necessary? Honest question..
Depends on the climate & road conditions where you live/ride.

Grit and road debris can work themselves past the shock caps & seals and score the steel rod or damage the seals, allowing fluid to leak out, sometimes catastrophically. If the leak is significant, you can pump out all the fluid in just a few miles.

In some snow climate areas, the grit they may spread during Winter can build up pretty quickly, even during the Summer riding season, if all of it isn't removed from the roads once snow season ends. Here in Colorado they spread a lot of sand/grit on the roads in Winter and some of it remains throughout the year because budget cuts mean there isn't enough money for cleaning the roads as often as they need to be.

And Desert climates may have sand blown across roads, etc. You get the point........

Think of the ShockTube as cheap insurance against needing to buy a new shock or have it rebuilt...........
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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