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R25 Debuts May 20.

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Confidence inspiring, R25 is launching on may 20th with means that R3 can't be much farther down the line. I've never seen people so uppity over a sub 500 bike ;)

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There are still questions surrounding exactly what engine will be put into this machine. In North America and Europe, the bike will be sold as the R3. That bike could get a parallel-twin engine. The R25 on the other hand, could be powered by a single-cylinder engine, instead of the expected parallel-twin engine.

Hopefully the debut of the R25 signals that the R3 won't be long behind.
if the r3 is just an r25 with bigger bore, will be a fail in europe, where the r125 will look meaner with an smaller engine, i mean, usd fork vs regular fork, one of the sportier riding positions vs a more relaxed one, and **** yes, the r125 is still being sold at least on spain, while a lot of other countries get the r15(which has nothing to do compared to the r125)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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