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R3 Acceleration Test Video

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Very nice!
I'm jealous!
17x KPH, that's like almost 110MPH, ducked forward.
Holy Sh*t...
Totaly amazing!

Question - Is it really something like 5-6sec for 0-100km/h ?
How does it compare to the cb500x in acceleration?
How does it compare to the cb500x in acceleration?
CB500X has much more pull in the lower rev range due to it having about 12 nm more torque. The R3 has a stronger pull when you hit the HP sweet spot in the higher rev band.

With 43 rear wheel HP the CB500X pulls better when just riding normally in all gears, rather than wringing it out. Much less need to downshift.

The 2 bikes have very different characters. Both good....

I have my CB500X set up as an adventure bike with engine crash bars, skid plate, Barkbusters and Continental TKC80 front and Mitas MC-60 rear tire. 60% road/40% dirt. That way I can ride the paved roads to the start of a ride on dirt and gravel roads comfortably.
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Obviously recorded prior to your new rearsets being installed. Will be doing mine today using your advice.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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