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hi all,
i'm a newbie to motorcycles. I've bought a yamaha r3 movistar and want to upgrade the exhaust. Could I have your thoughts on these four exhausts. I’m not familiar with brands or what to look for. I have picked the following based purely on aesthetics (I like the burnt look).

Are any of these a good brand?

As a new member i can't post links. They are all available from japan . webike . net

with the product codes listed below.

They are all slip ons.

1. WR’s MODEL : BK2250JM

product: 21962510
by WR's
$328 USD + $65 USD postage
Colour: backed color Titanium
Short Oval Type
Exhaust Pipe Material: Stainless
Proximity Stationary Noise Volume: 90db
Acceleration Noise Volume: 77db
Included Parts: Joint Gasket

$475 USD + $65 USD postage

Titanium Oval Type
Exhaust Pipe Material: Stainless
Proximity Stationary Noise Volume: 90db
Acceleration Noise Volume: 77db
Included Parts: Joint Gasket

3. NOJIMA M2 titanium

Product: 22628334

$545 USD + $65 USD postage

burnt colour matches Yamaha blue

4. By Realise

YZF-R25/R03 muffler ARIA titanium type C car end 511-SO-001-01 realize YZF-R25/R03 muffler

Product 22589063
MODEL: 511-SO-001-01

Slip-on mufflers "Aria" uses SUS304 on the exhaust pipe, giving the feeling of luxury in the polished, adopts the titanium silencer.
DYNOJET power check the by now setting to demonstrate the best performance we produced.
Teletype: car end
Material: silencer part = titanium exhaust pipe part = stainless Polish finish 
Size: 100 mm x length approx. 400 
Tube length: 340
Specifications: slip-on 
Volume: baffle is mounted approximately 94 db or less (removable)
Sound: bass 

Material: Exhaust Pipe Part=Stainless Steel (Polishing)
Size: Φ100 x Overall Length Approximately 400mm
Tube Length: 340mm
Spec.: Slip-on Silencer
Noise Volume: when Mounting Baffle
Curl End: Approximately 94db or less (Removable)
Slash End: Approximately 95db or less
Sound Quality: Bass
The interior of Silencer is a two-layer winding of Standard Wool and Glass Wool, with Glass Wool splashing, the secular change of volume is minimized Spec. Becoming.
Repeated PowerCheck by DYNOJET, I made it to demonstrate best performance by no setting.

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Firstly I recommend looking at the Forum Vendors. If you like the titanium burnt Ananuki Racing Planet has some nice full exhausts for about as much as your going to pay for a Slip-on. They do Have slip-ons only as well.

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When it comes to slip ons... it really makes no difference. At all.

You can buy 1000.00 slip ons (if such a thing exists) or 30 dollar ebay slip ons, or fashion a slip on with a coffee can (or maybe tennis ball can). It really makes no difference. ****, you can just remove the stock exhaust can altogether and ride around like that. It will still be reasonably quiet.

So for your case- if its all about looks and nothing else (let's hope you are not thinking of making it louder because none of those will do that), buy whatever you want.

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I bought this complete exhaust from the below people, also a blanking plate from Jesse Norton. Getting fitted after the first service.


Spoke with Jesse from Yamaha Racing about a fuel controller to go with the new setup and how much difference would the pipes make if they are really for a R25. told me for street use i would not notice any difference.

You can buy this for your moviestar bike, make it a single seater, I did and removed the rear pegs.



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