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R3 Foot pegs, Brake levers, & Clutch levers

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Hi. I recently dropped my R3 when coming to a stop on a slanted hill and my front right foot peg snapped right in half. Does anyone know if an R6 foot peg will fit my R3? I can't seem to find anywhere that sells just the peg and delivers quickly. I need a replacement ASAP and the only one I have readily available is from an R6. :(

Also I want/need a new break lever & clutch lever and see tons on Ebay for people with small hands (like me) that bend inward. Does anyone know if these will work/fit and if they are trustworthy?
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Some of our site vendors offer replacement brake/clutch levers, so you may want to look there -
Check the "Parts for Sale" board for footpegs - some have listed rearsets, but may be willing to part them out for you.
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