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R3-Forums Likes and Dislikes?

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Thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for people to point out the things that they like or dislike about the R3-Forums. Could give the admin an idea of things to change, work on or emphasize in the future.

What do you guys think?
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I love this place but I think there are way too many sub forums. Do we really need a specific forum just for tires and another one just for oil...etc?
I'm not in the position to make those decisions, so this is just a personal observation: As more posts and threads accumulate, it really makes sense to organize them to some extent - especially if you are using the Forum as a resource, rather than a chat site. If I want to know the skinny on tires, for example, I really don't want to go through 5 or 10 pages of unrelated posts before I find a tire post. It would be better if all the tire posts are in one place and I can go right to it. (but I'm an Engineer, so I'm wired that way)
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I dislike that guy t-rav_12.

That aside, it seems like we have at least 3, maybe 4 "introductions" areas. We could prolly whittle those down to 1.
Otherwise, I agree with Stirz. Sub-categories are necessary to group all relevant information. It does make it SO much easier to get to the answer you're looking for. Off the top of my noggin, I can't think of anything you've overlooked (except maybe a dating section to find true love without the use of a voodoo doll or black magic potion).
Thanx for throwin' this out there, and I'll keep thinkin' 'bout it. All of you moderators have been doin' a great job.
Thanx for building this great li'l microcosm for new and veteran Yamaha-isti (what? the Ducati folks get to call themselves that...) to hang out, grow skillz and pick up knowledge.
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Jus thought of one idear. How's 'bout a specific Racers Forum? You could group all the builds, parts/ accessories, videos/ pix, stats, sponsors, gear, equipment, track day/ race day listings, display different sanctioning bodies racing requirements and rules...
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I think the categories will become a lot more useful in a year or so when the forum grows. I only have time to go through some of the General Discussion posts each day so I am sure if I had a specific question the categorizing would help out a lot.

I think what makes this forum great though is the experienced guys who help out.
I usually just click onto the "active topics" thread. I've really enjoyed the site, got lots of useful information from everyone such as tank bags, tail tidy's, GPS mounts, etc. Stuff I may not have gotten the scoop on by myself. Enjoy reading peoples thoughts on the R3 and the mods they've done...especially the mods!
Sub-categories? Keep it simple. I don't really don't refer to them much anyway. Maybe the "R3's in your area" thread. I'd like to ride with some local R3 people.
The only dislike is the spam, moderators seem to be doing a great job at keeping that under control of late. Thanks to you moderators by the way.
Jus' wanted to revive this thread. Speak up here, citizens!!!
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