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R3 Frame Construction

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Break down of the R25/R3's Diamond frame construction...

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Weird how the main words in the diagram are in English but everything else is in a different language.

Here is what we can get from this:

- rubber mounts
- 2 coat painting
- sporty handling
- optimum rigidity balance

Anybody that can expand on those points?
2 coat painting is pretty much obvious. Sporty handling is probably more the seating position such as supersport. While rubber mounts on both the frame could mean that it will have a lower seat rail, runs a little smoother, is a bit heavier but more power which should off balance the weight. While optimum rigdity is probably pointing to the steel frame which offers an ideal rigidity balance in the longitudinal, lateral, and torsional directions, using the engine as a stressed member.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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