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R3 Gear Ratios

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R3's gear ratios, per the owners manual (U.S. model, at least) are:

1st: 2.500(35/14)
2nd: 1.824(31/17)
3rd: 1.348(31/23)
4th: 1.087(25/23)
5th: 0.920(23/25)
6th: 0.800(24/30)

So 5th and 6th are both overdrive gears

I found the gear ratios for the YZF-R25 in an owners manual PDF on the Japanese Yamaha Motors site. Not the same, at least for Japanese YZF-R25 model. Could be different for export models?

1st: 2.666 (40/15)
2nd: 1.882 (32/17)
3rd: 1.454 (32/22)
4th: 1.200 (30/25)
5th: 1.037 (28/27)
6th: 0.920 (22/25)


I also found the R3 manual on Japanese site and ratios are the same as for the U.S. model R3 in my manual. Japanese model is designated YZF-R3A. U.S. model is designated YZF-R3F
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The r25 has less torque, and higher rpm.
And R25 has higher redline, at 14,000 rpm vs 12,500 rpm for the R3

CC increase on the R3 was accomplished by widening the bore out to 68mm, vs R25 bore of 60mm. Both have the same stroke length.
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