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Observations I've been able to pull from the Indonesian blogs, using my trusty google fu. Apologies if the translation is poor

  • rear tire size 130 or 140
  • rear gear is not as big as Ninjette
  • No additional antiskid chains such as Honda Motor
  • Black rear caliper
  • MT-07 tail lamp, LED
  • High gas tank
  • flat tank lid
  • hexagonal-shaped tach
  • Shorty exhaust similar to MT-07
  • Digital readout
  • wide front cowl
  • Panigale style headlamps (reverse rake)
  • White backlit LED digital speedometer
  • white tachometer needle, white numbers, red numbers for redline

Its at least a start... or maybe a tease ;)

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You think we will get different colors here than they do in Indonesia? What colors are they getting there and which do you expect to be offered in NA?

I'm really glad they are using the tail end of the MT-07. I think that is really well designed.
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