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R3 price in Vancouver BC Canada

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Hey guys,

i'm going to get a R3 pretty soon and have talked to some dealer online.
Just curious about the OTD price of R3 in Vancouver and which dealer did you go to?

Thanks a lot!!!:D
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I bought my R3 (white and red) for $4749 from Daytona Motorsports in Surrey in July. If you talk to them, they'll price match any other dealers around. Fees include fright and PDI at $650, doc fee at $145, and crate disposal fee at $45. After tax, it worked out to $6271.

You might get a better deal now that the season is ending?
Hey, I'm looking for a R3 as well.

I sat down with a few dealers and it's still in the $6200 range. They didn't offer much incentive, maybe because the weather's still good?
GA Checkpoint in Port Moody will throw in a free Shark helmet so that might be the best deal right now if you need a helmet.

Reading through the main "Price Paid" thread, most people across Canada paid something in the 5.4k-5.8k range and during riding season. Not sure why it's more in BC.
Myself, I'm waiting until the weather turns to see if they are more willing to negotiate.
I don't see why we should be paying full price with the season coming to an end.

If you find a good deal, please post! I'm itching for one as well.
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