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R3 Trail riding

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Yes I said trail riding. I have done this many times on other bikes. Went pretty slow on the R3, it was the first time off road.

R3 Off road
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Wish the streets around here were as smooth as that trail.
Well, the bike's not designed for that, but there was that guy about 15 years ago who rode his R1 through Africa's jungles, crossing rivers, mud, etc. You could search for the videos with something like "R1 extreme riding in Africa". I turn around if water is running across the road from someone's sprinklers...
I hate to admit it but I started riding off road to evade the police :( Stopped that when I turned 25. But I still do it for confidence building. You can only do it at night because of hikers n cyclist. Now comes the cleaning lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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