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R3 Weekend Track Comparison

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So I am new here and was told to post in this sub because last summer I did a 2 day test that included the R3.

The test bikes- Were all 2015s

Ninja 300
ER6F (ninja 650)

The track that held the test was Calabogie.

Am I a moto-journo, or pro racer? No. Just a guy who knows some people from the race track, who were looking for riders who had consistent times and had the ability to be subjective.

The Best-

The RC390 was easily the best bike on a race track, its suspension, brakes and chassis were all much better than the other test bikes (yes even the R3) its motor was torquier with its single, and the areo provided good protection from the wind in a race tuck.

The R3 was second for me. The motor was sublime, the aero was decent, and it handled well enough. Where it fell down was soft brakes, and a mushy rear shock (none of the bikes were set up for the testers riding them...and I am 245lbs. The rear shock was set at the #3 setting...waaaay to soft)

The ninja 300 was third. The old war horse still has it. The engine performs with out any trouble, and felt smoother than the R3 and the RC390. I felt more crampt on the Ninja but being 6'1 doesnt help. The bike stops, turns and accelerates perfectly but the front tends to lack feel in serious "S" bends (when over the 65mph speeds)

The ER6F is 4th....yes its an unfair fight. It was the fastest, and the biggest. It was a fun motor, and could easily be a perfect starter bike (or all around bike) its areo was garbage, and its front end flexed like a gymnast under hard cornering (Kawasaki fork brace please!) the brakes are amazing, and it wheelies effortlessly.

The CBR300 is 5th...because while it does nothing bad....it does absolutely nothing well. It was boring, and perfect. As Honda does, it makes perfect people movers. As a racebike...it needs a lot to even match a stock R3 or RC390.

The GW250 was 6th...what a surprise. Sure its 2nd last, but I thought it would have been rubbish. But the little bike is perfectly balanced, and while not fast is perfectly adequate for running around tight and twisty tracks or mountain roads without ever missing a beat. The chassis and brakes are perfect for its small motor.

The CBR500....Last....by a mile! What a complete POS. Barely faster than the CBR300, Handles like a truck, and had brakes made of what felt like wood...Looks like a cool looking baby blade...but thats where the good things stop.
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