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R6 forks on a R3?

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R3 oem is 41mm and so is the R6's inverted with dual rotors. it uses a 120/70/17 tire so the aspect ratio should be about the same. Anybody doing or has done this swap yet?

My thought was to take care of having adjustable shocks and better braking components.
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To my knowledge, no one on the forum has fessed up to doing this, but someone will swap front-ends sooner or later...
Comparing both, they are very similar surprisingly. Also the rear suspension is very similar minus the multi link on the R6.
I did find some Ohlins front cartridge kits and rear coil overs 2-way syspension set up from Thailand on E-bay I seen mentioned on another post. That might be the best way to go for about $1000.

Front: 41 mm fork
5.1 in. (130 mm) travel
Rake: 25° Trail: 3.7 in. (95 mm)
Front suspension system
Upside-down telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm
Front travel
115 mm
Rake: 24° Trail: 3.8 in. (97 mm)
To swap the R3 RSU fork for the R6 USD fork, a new triple clamp would need to be fabricated, as it needs to fit the R6's 50mm outer tube, not the 41mm fork tube.
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The day I can out ride the R3 major components is the day I call Factory Yamaha and tellem to git rid of that #46 bloke with the messy hair.

Junk the orig crap tyres and fit radials,
the brakes bed in after some hard use. (I thought they were no good till a day at the track, they started to improve tenfold)
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just replace the pads with something decent from one of the big-name suppliers and that will probably improve dramatically. Don't just leap on the HH or HH+ bandwagon though.

Going to USD forks might be sexy, but entails a host of "complications" that you have to also factor in. Replacing the guts with cartridges is cost effective and straight-forward.
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Going guts as the conclusion is cost and performance is better + less weight then a big swap. Delete this thread! lol
Before this thread vanishes there is an R25 out there with the R6 forks, swingarm and exhaust. there are more photos of it including the triple tree just scroll through this a bit https://www.facebook.com/yamahaR3th/photos_stream?ref=page_internal


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Not sure what language this is in but here is someone who swapped a GSXr1000/600( not sure) front onto his R25. Also a rear swingarm from I think a VFR400. Found from another thread here
Not sure what language this is in but here is someone who swapped a GSXr1000 front onto his R25.
Loox pretty nice with upside down moge bingits!
Loox pretty nice with upside down moge bingits!
Indonesian language and Google Translate can't quite master it..

That first paragraph :)

"Hola lads, if you have already viewed teaser appearance of modification Yamaha R25, now is the time we completely peeled ubahannya what, how much and how handlingnya after dimodif..geber lads!

Moge Bingits to all the Geber Lads out there!!
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:DMoge Bingits to all the Geber Lads out there!!
I was gonna say, the R6 forks are not 41mm lol, but yeah, someone already covered that :)
I searched and not sure which R6 this fort tube is for but it is 41mm diameter. This is what I was going off of. I think it's off the 06-07 but they are inverted right I'm a little confused so I decided not to do this mod anyways. but posting the info i found for reference. I guess the other way could be to have a machine shop open up the clamps to fit whatever front suspension you are using.

Fork tube Yamaha YZF-R6, 06-07, D=41mm L=513mm


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has to be the inner tube, not the outer tube
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I figured as much, the whole inverted thing. Thanks for taking the time to post photos, hehe
maybe this will clarify: R6 forks.
Its one of the easiest swaps ever.
You just buy the Triples, fame, engine and the rest of the R6.

Your dealer would like a low mileage original R3 on the floor .
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