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Radiator Guards.

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So I'm posting some pics of the radiator guard I installed on a rainy day with nothing to really do. Glad I chose a day that I could focus many hours on this upgrade as I was in for an unexpected surprise....

R&G Radiator Guard.

It looked simple from the 'sales' website. I thought, o'wow, I can just sneak in through the front wheel and get it installed pretty easily....Nope, you do have to remove the plastics and because the bike is so new, it was not very easy to do this without much guidance (internet). But I managed. I took it slow and set up shop in the garage with a chair and a few drinks :)

I'll make a new post on the fairing removal sometime soon. Until then, here are some pics I remember to do as I was putting my bike back together.


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D4mn, now I really wish I bought one when I did my order with them.

Get the heat gun out and get that ugly orange sticker off your tank now ;)
**** Yeah Video for Fairing Removal!

I'm going to do some more work on the inside soon and will get a video now that I know exactly what I'm doing and where are those fairing slide-hooks, clips, and screws are :)
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Uhhhg these story's make me afraid of doing mods. Always tricky ;)
Uhhhg these story's make me afraid of doing mods. Always tricky ;)
I popped part of the faring off when I did the 600 mile service on mine. Getting the plastic off was much easier than putting the stupid thing back on. If only I had 3 hands and gekko eyes...

How much impact on airflow does this guard have? Like 80% of stock? Does the manufacturer mention?
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