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Rattling noise at 5-6k

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I know it's not a lot to go off, but I get a rattling noise from 5-6k. It's especially noticeable at 4th gear on the freeway.

Sounds almost like something is loose but i wouldn't know. Would anyone have any guess as to what this is? I just don't want anything shearing off that would cause me to slide at speed. I'm a total beginner to bikes.

If it's anything, bike is at 296 miles and barely a month off the lot.
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On mine, I wouldn't call it a rattle, more like a pulsing sound, always around 5000rpm in 3rd, 4th, or 5th.
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I have noticed the same. Its in my opinion to high gear with low RPM. This bike starts to work if it gets alot of RPM. Nothing to worry about imo
Thanks for the info! Looks like it's just part of nature of the bike. I was starting to get worried that I already messed up during break in.
Embrace the wonders of the internal combustion motorcycle,

because when its gone, the essence of motorcycling will go with it.:)
Its just the vtec kicking in. :)
I have some problem, it sound like bunch of keys are vibrating on the handle bar. Only when I get at 6K-8K RPM a specially downshifting.

First I thought it was plastic fairings but today finally found the cause of it. In my case it was the bracket that seat on the transmission shiftier shaft. Its like a clamp with 10mm bolt. Transmission shaft it self has a bolt groove, this is looks like safety in case bolt will get loose (like in my case). The clamp bracket was moving about 1cm in/out on the shaft. I think the dude at assembly line did not tight it, so it would get loose with 8500km on ODO. The bracket also does not compress much because the bolt is very thin and weak. I have placed just enough torque so its stops sliding on shiftier shaft.

Hope this helps to someone.

Be safe and enjoy you riding!
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