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rear brake pedal

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So, my rear brake pedals failed recently. Snapped clean off the base while I was trying to stop at a red light. I just recently replaced them during service 4 months ago using genuine yamaha parts.

I'll admit that I'm not the most careful rider out there, having dropped my R3 once or twice on its right side and bending the brake pedal and straightening them out again.

I've seen some reveiwers said during the initial launch of the bike saying that yamaha might have cheaped out on the foot controls as a cost-cutting measure. My R3 is a 2016 model so that might ring true for me.

The main question I want to ask is there any alternative to the yamaha OEM part for the brake pedals short of just buying a whole rearset kit? I've tried doing a bit of research to see if I have any luck in being able to fit a pedal from MT-07/R7 but it seems like the holes are all in diffrent places.

Any suggestions would be quite helpful.

P.S. Blaming me from dropping my bike one to many time would actually qualify as constructive criticism for me. I wouldn't be to offended by it ;)
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I' d question anybody who believes Yamaha would jeopardize their stellar reputation to 'cheap out' on the launch of any new model. Most of the replacement options will come as a complete rear set, not individual pieces.
There are several reputable companies making rear sets for the R3, and several vendors to purchase from who specialize in modifying the R3. Norton Motorsports is a business sponsor for this Forum's site and has been tweaking the R3 since its introduction in 2015. They offer great technical support, both on this Forum and through their customer service.
Most of these quality after-market rear sets are well made, lighter, and stronger than Yamaha OEM parts. But, none are as affordable.
Like most 'upgrades'.. you normally get what you pay for.
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Yeah, I was talking to a couple of Yamaha dealer in my area and the price I got quoted is around NZD135. At that price point I'm heavily considering just getting a vortex rearset from a local supplier. If anyone can beat that price and ship it to me I'll pay it through lmao.
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will the R1 rear brake pedal fit?
Sorry I know this is an old thread but I'm trying to change the brake pedal on my r3 and really can't seem to get the main hex bolt loose. Is there a trick to undoing the bolt holding the pedal to the rear set?
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