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Rearside reflectors on California

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Hi guys,

I have been noticing that after doing the fender eliminator, some of you had reinstalled the side reflectors back on the rearside.

When I did my fender I didn't realized that this could be a problem.

Is this a legal issue?, I live in Los Angeles.

Thanks :)
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There is nothing in the CA motorcycle laws regarding required reflectors. People put them back on for safety/visibility. Some motorcycle riders like to put an emphasis on visibility, although the reflectors seem like a small thing, it does add up I guess.
You will not get cited for it. We have no inspections here and I am sure you have noticed CHP are up to way more $#!^ these days than busting bike fix it tickets. They are snagging speeders and wreckless drivers.

If you are concerned about visibility there get a 4" x 3/4" adhesive reflector from ebay and fill that gap above the license plate. Your plate is reflective however.
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Ive seen plenty of bikes with the lic plate sideways facing wrong side. Cant see from behind if following. No rear turn signals or front. Brakes lights yes. LA hollywood/Glendale area. Just cruising along using hand signals during the day ? not sure what goes down at night.
pretty sure i read somewhere that it IS REQUIRED to have reflectors on the front and rear of the motorcycle, its part of DOT. I kept mine on after adding the fender eliminator just to be on the safe side. I don't want to run the risk of getting in the sight of a cop having a slow/bad day.
decisions... decisions.... :|
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This is what the current CVC says below (Chapter 2 Lighting Equipment, Article 12 Reflectorizing Material):


25500. (a) Area reflectorizing material may be displayed on any
vehicle, provided: the color red is not displayed on the front;
designs do not tend to distort the length or width of the vehicle;
and designs do not resemble official traffic control devices, except
that alternate striping resembling a barricade pattern may be used.
No vehicle shall be equipped with area reflectorizing material
contrary to these provisions.
(b) The provisions of this section shall not apply to license
plate stickers or tabs affixed to license plates as authorized by the
Department of Motor Vehicles.
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