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Because the engine is the same on all YZF-R3 motorcycles, the oil change guide will still be helpful.
However, verify part fitment if you have a 2019+ YZF-R3; some of the parts listed here may not fit your motorcycle.

Before posting a new thread, use the search function to help find answers.

Service manual
Download the Yamaha Service Manualthat corresponds to your year & model.
  • For the 2015-2018 YZF-R3 Manual: Use the oil change guide on p133, section 3-22 (as there may be unknown oil delivery issues)
Refer to reply regarding checking for recalls using your VIN on yamaha-dealers.com (thank you, @airhead83).
  • Keep the documents of recall work that was performed
Air filter
Replace the air filter element with a stock unit (using an aftermarket filter will cause adverse engine operation)
Use a stock air filter unit until you are 100% informed on how to mod air & fuel delivery and exhaust systems for the YZF-R3

Chain maintenance
Properly clean, adjust, and lubricate your chain every 500 miles.

If your (front) forks seem spongy, squishy, or have no rebound damping (your front end just bounces after it you go over bumps) perform fork fluid flush and inspect/replace the fork seals & slide bearings
If rider is more than 145lbs (65kg) fully geared, look into stiffer fork springs (or a cartridge (emulator) kit) and a good rear shock
Tires / Tyres
Tyres List (I use Dunlop Sportmax GPR 300)
  • Be sure you get the wheels balanced with new tread (this should be free)
  • Also, buy the warranty for free replacement upon damage (covered up to a certain threshold of tire wear)
Rear set
The Saddlemen GP-V1 provides great comfort over the hard, stock seat.
  • If you're a short rider, you can look into buying the low-cut version of the GP-V1, but this may cost you level of comfort.
  • Also noteworthy is that RevZilla.com promotes the seat for 2018+ YZF-R3s, even though Saddlemen lists it as available only for 2015-2017.
If you prefer to see behind you using mirrors, a pair of mirror risers from eBay helps.

Exhaust Upgrades
  • If you're on the street only, keep the stock system in place
  • If you're racing (track only), look into air & fuel delivery modifications and exhaust upgrades
Decel Fuel Cutoff
This is a "feature" to improve gas mileage and decrease emissions; the drawback is a noticeable on/off throttle lunge (it's not pleasant at low speeds on twisty roads or in any kind of traffic). You've a couple options here:
  • Send your ECU to get reflashed (~300USD)
    • You have to ask them to smooth out the throttle on/off transition, specifically (ask them about the available changes) discuss a viable solution
  • Use a fuel controller like the Bazzaz Z-Fi or DynoJet Power Commander FC and smooth the transition from off throttle to 2% throttle as suggested in this thread
    • or buy a SpeedTek aRacer RCMini5 ECU replacement (495USD) and do the same thing
The reason I recommend buying the RCMini5 regardless, is the possibility down the line of desiring to perform other modifications to the ECU. However (potential drawback), the aRacer App on Google Play has some negative reviews, but Jesse from @Norton-Motorsports.com has recommended the RCMini5 for its ease of use.
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