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S. Texas riders

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Alamo Cycle Plex in San Antonio is sponsoring a group ride from their dealership through Ingram on to Leakey and the Twisted Sisters. Starts at 9:30 am this Sat, June 20th. Go to their website for details. I love that ride, but it looks like rain, so I haven't decided yet.
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It does look like rain, I'm mean it's still raining now. I didn't know about it, surprised that I didn't get an email from them on this. Don't think that I can make it. I need to get my plate from them at some point. :)
They cancelled the ride. I only found out after I went in later in the day to use my $10 off coupon. Bought 2 oil filters for the R3 and an oil filter for the CB300F. While there I sat on a new Gixxer 600. Love that bike. It has a Yashimura package that includes a slip on, sliders, + some cosmetic upgrades. Unfortunately, they want too much for it. They quoted $10,300 PLUS tax, title, registration with my R3 trade-in. Since I traded in a newer 2013 Ninja 300 for a new 2011 Gixxer 1000 in Jan 2013 just before the 2013 Gixxer 1000s came out, and paid $8400 out the door, so this sounds way over-priced. I did call around though and am looking to trade for the Gixxer. Bikes change very quickly in my garage. I managed to get in and out between rains. The roads were mainly dry from 11 am to 1 pm.
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That does sound a bit high. I saw that they cancelled it too, but was early yet. It was raining at the time so I figured as much.

I need to get down there and pick my plate up, they finally called with it.
I saw the R6 that they had, was nice, but that Gixxer is sweet. I'm waiting for the new R6 to be revealed, want that one when it is redesigned. Would love to get a R1, but just too much anymore.

I ended up doing some plumbing work here and it took longer than it should so, no riding at all for me. :(
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