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Saturated: crimson decals

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I edited a recent picture of my R3 and it caused the decals to look more crimson. If only they came this way stock! I'm thinking about just taking all of the decals off because I'm getting tired of seeing the same ones, but I'm undecided. I'll have to see more pictures of naked fairings first. I need to think about some cheap ideas to change things up. Simply bored with the stock looks because it seems one out of five bikes I see on the road are my exact raven R3!


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There are quite a few pics of R3s with bare fairings in the paint thread another miscellaneous threads. General consensus seems to be split. Some people love the subdued, minimalist look of no decals. Others (myself included) feel that it looks a bit too plain, almost unfinished.
Totally throwing this out here cause my bike is naked with no decals right now and personally I love minimalist looks. But I'm on the same boat as you with the fact that the stock decals get pretty bland when you see them on all the other R3's and it feels like no individuality! I extensively looked into finding someone who made a simple R3 decal that would sit on my side fairings like a lot of R1's have and I'm getting one in silver, but i still may not actually use it.


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Yeah, I prefer the minimalist look myself on certain colors/textures, but a big part of me knows the shiny metallic looking black would seem oddly bare with no decals. I might replace them with blocky white or dark gray yamaha racing stripes, large across the front fairings and a tiny one to replace the rear sticker. Eh, I'll think of something..

Your white R3 looks freaking awesome! I could definitely see a silver decal, keeping it classy, or just bare as it looks complete as is.
Welcome to the world of "black bikes". Everyone wants to be BATMAN these days. I see so many BLACK sportbikes on the streets all the time.

It seems when it comes to the R3.... BLUE is the trendy color-of-choice.
Black bikes, yep. For me, it's a preference for neutral colors. Black, white, gray. I get sick of looking at any other color for too long. Not sure why.. strictly utilitarian, or I dislike it rather quickly.
HeyyLiz - How did you get it in white?
Sorry, I didn't notice the reply earlier! I plasti dipped my plastics :)
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